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      Stop Motion Studio in the Classroom

      Bring out the budding filmmakers in your class with this easy-to-use app. Students can act in their videos or just use clay, drawing, and photos to create animated sequences that demonstrate events and concepts across subjects.


      Stop Motion Studio is a great tool to use in the classroom. It’s been used by thousands of schools all over the world.

      “This app combines still images to make a stop motion animation film. In the Social Studies classroom students can move figurines across the screen to show a historical event in action. ?In the Math classroom students can use virtual manipulatives to model the solution to a math problem.” - classtechtips.com

      “Stop Motion Studio gives students a captivating outlet for their creative ideas and voice. And during the production process, it introduces them to sophisticated concepts such time, storyboarding, audience, and citizenship, even at the youngest elementary age.” - scarsdaleschools.org

      Stop Motion Studio Lesson Ideas

      Tips for the Classroom


      Cardboard IPad Stand

      If you are just starting to make stop motion videos with your iPad, you’ve probably already discovered how much better they are when you can keep the tablet still when taking pictures. Designing and build our own Cardboard IPad Stand.


      Planning your animation on paper saves time and energy. You can figure out all the details before committing to the animation. Storyboarding will also ensure that each group selects the one approach best suited to the basic concept. We prepared this printable storyboard template for you to use.

      Discount Bulk Purchase

      Stop Motion Studio is available in a free and a paid version. The free version does contain in-app purchases but has no advertisement. The full version is available with a huge discount for educational institutes in the Volume Purchase Program (VPP). The full version does not contain any in-app purchases or advertisements.

      Purchase Stop Motion Studio or Stop Motion Studio for macOS from the VPP.

      For a bulk purchase of the Android or Windows version of the app, please contact our support team.


      Mobile Device Management

      If your school uses a mobile device management system to deploy apps. You can define certain default options Stop Motion Studio uses.

      Shared iPad

      Shared iPad allows sharing an iPad by multiple students. When enabled in the app, all projects are synced using iCloud. A student can start a project on one iPad and continue on a different iPad. This also ensures a student’s work is always available even if their normal iPad is restored or purged of their user data. Please make sure to enable isStoreProjectsIniCloudEnabled when deploying the app. Shared iPad works on Stop Motion Studio version 10.1 or later.

      With Shared iPad is enabled you can try out the synching of projects by creating a new project on an iPad, then removing and re-installing the app. You should find after a short delay the project re-appears ready for download.


      We do not collect, use, disclose, transfer or store any personal information from children or anybody else. All data is stored locally on the device. Absolutly no data is transfered from the app without user consent i.e.?project upload. Therefore neither COPPA nor FERPA does apply.


      A printable comprehensive manual is available on our support page.


      Visit our knowledge base to find answers to many common questions.

      If you have a question about the app, how to use a feature or anything else. Feel free to email our customer support team. We are here to help.